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Total Enclosure With Skin Tight Latex

Well….I’m not quite sure what to make of this set, other than Hannah is one fucked up chick. She’s totally covered in latex and starts out with a gasmask. She then looses the mask so just her eyes are showing. The tight fit of the outfits shows off her great tits and ass real well. This is just another example of how kinky and outside the box Hannah really is.


She’s missing her leash…


Wonder if she can walk in those heels?


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Naughty Nurse Hannah Has A Treat For You

Now, I don’t think I’d like every nurse to be only in a nurse hat, but for Hannah, that’s really all she needs. Her kinky side is once again explored as she takes two champagne glasses and proceeds to fill them with her pee.  She then offer you a drink.  She’s certainly a wild one.  Would you like to take your turn at training her?

Naughty Nurse

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Hang Her High

Here is a quick video of kinky shemale Hannah Sweden hanging from her ceiling in her every day fun clothes. You know, the gasmask, latex, and fishnet stockings. What?, that isn’t normal for everybody? Well, Hannah is not your “average” type girl. She lives and breaths her fetishes because she loves the lifestyle and really gets off offering herself out to those who do as well.

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You Will Call Her Madam

Hannah is one hot shemale and in this set she’s feeling very dominant.  She loves getting spanked, but there times she like to also dish it out.  Do you need to be tamed?  Have you been a bad and need to be punished?  Hannah can take care of your needs.  Do you have the nerve?

Hot Hannah Sweden
Horny Dominatrix Hannah Sweden

Trannie with great ass
Fantastic shemale ass

Lick my boots slave!
Hannah dares you to tell her now.

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Bound tranny in latex

Bound and gagged while wearing a sexy black latex dress, Shemale Hannah Sweden shows how truly kinky she can be.  Her big tits scream to be released, and her submissive side really shows through.  She can’t be more obvious in telling the us how badly she want to be taken

Hot tranny in black latex
Big tits tranny in hot black latex dress

Transexual in latex and gagged
Big round tranny tits

Bound tranny
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Tranny Enema

Kinky transexual Hannah Sweden gets ready for a little fun.  She loves anything off the wall, and a good old fashioned enema has her drooling in anticipation.

T-girl in leather bustie
Big tits brunette shemale Hannah Sweden

Kinky Transexual
Kinky Hannah ready for her enema

Kinky submissive tranny
Fantastic tranny ass